Swimming Club Management Software

SwimClubManager (referred to as SCM) is the online system designed to make the management of our swimming club easier. The benefit of SCM over traditional software is that it runs in the cloud enabling every club member to have access access and to provide real time updates.
There is no software to install on a PC or Mac and you can use the system from any internet enabled computer with a modern web browser. Download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for SwimClub Manager   BPS Designs Limited

There are three types of user in the system:
1. Swimmer
2. Parent
3. Instructor/User/Swim teacher/Coach/Admin

The 3 types of user above are separate and have different “views” when they login.

Parents are the parents/guardians of the swimmers in the club. Parents can have up to 4 swimmers associated with them. When you associate a swimmer to a parent account, when the parent logs in they can see details relating to that swimmer (swim times, contact details, medical needs, consent for photos, filming, travel etc  and can be updated by the parent )
Swimmers are the swimmers in the club. When they login they can view their own details swim times as well as club related items such as documents, club calendar and the who’s who etc.

This is how we contact you with updates and also access emergency contact details and how you can see your swim times.

https://www.sloughdolphinsc.org.uk/login   your username will be the email address that we use to communicate with you. If you have never accessed the application then select reset password.

If you have any issues accessing SwimClubManager then please contact:  [email protected] 

  • Parents your email address will be your username so if you have forgotten your password or not been issue with an initial password then you can use the Forgot Password then check your emails and also your junk / Spam email box for reset instructions. Access issues then please contact [email protected]  
  • Note: Swimmers: if the swimmer does not have an email address then the parent / guardian can request a memorable username and password by contacting [email protected]

There is now an an app SwimClub Manager  (BPS Designs Limited)   that you can install on your smartphone for Android and Apple , download now and install.